Tetsuhiro Yano, Almuni

Tetsuhiro Yano, Almuni


Tetsuhiro Yano

Tetsuhiro Yano, MD, PhD

[Japanese version]

Dr. Tetsuhiro Yano joined Department of Clinical Epidemiology as a graduate student in April 2017. Dr. Yano was born in Tttori Prefecture in 1987. Dr. Yano graduated from University of Tokyo and earned a MD degree in 2012. Dr. Yano was appointed to Shirakawa Satellite for Teaching And Research (STAR) for General Medicine, Fukushima Medical University as a clinical research fellow in April 2017. He was a member of our department and Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine until September 2021.

“I have learned a variety of ways of approaching medical care tailored to individual hospitals and regions while practicing at several hospitals in and outside of Fukushima Prefecture. I have realized that local clinical settings are also forefront of clinical research, whereas development of new drugs and technologies are obviously forefront of medical research. I decided to enter the Department of Clinical Epidemiology after I saw how my senior colleagues were carrying out clinical studies toward the world while they were earnestly caring for their patients. I would like to conduct research that reconsiders what is common sense in clinical settings.”

[Academic affiliations and certifications]
Japanese Association for Acute Medicine (Board-certificated Acute Care Physician)
Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine

[Residency and clinical experience]
2012- Junior resident, Fukushima Medical University Hospital
2014- Senior resident, Department of Regional Emergency Medicine, Fukushima Medical University Hospital
2017- Shirakawa Satellite for Teaching And Research for General Medicine, Fukushima Medical University
2020- Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Fukushima Medical University
2021- National Hospital Organization Saitama Hospital

[Clinical research]
Yano T, Takada T, Fujiishi R, Fujii K, Honjo H, Miyajima M, Takeshima T, Miyashita J, Azuma T, Fukuhara S.
Usefulness of computed tomography in diagnosis of non-obstructive acute pyelonephritis in the elderly: A cross-sectional study.
Annual Meeting of ACP Japan Chapter 2019, Jun 8, 2019, Kyoto (P-03)
This study was nominated for the Kurokawa Award (Outstanding Clinical Research).