Kohta Katayama, Postdoctoral fellow

Kohta Katayama, Postdoctoral fellow

Postdoctoral fellow

Kohta Katayama

Kohta Katayama, MD, PhD

[Japanese version]

Dr. Kohta Katayama has recently joined the Department of Clinical Epidemiology as a postdoctoral researcher in April 2023. He was born in Osaka in 1986 and graduated from Osaka City University, earning an MD degree in 2012. He then trained as a hospitalist for five years at Mito Kyodo General Hospital and for another four years at Shirakawa Satellite for Teaching And Research (STAR). During his training at Shirakawa, he was appointed to the Department of Clinical Epidemiology to further study clinical epidemiology. He completed a doctoral course and earned a PhD degree in March 2023. Currently, Dr. Katayama specializes in hospital medicine and works at St. Marianna University School of Medicine.

“As our population ages, there is a growing demand for hospitalists/family physicians who can provide care for patients with multiple health conditions. Furthermore, there is an increasing need for hospitalists/family physicians who can conduct their own research as they become more widely used. That’s why I have dedicated myself to conducting clinical research that can directly benefit the patients I work with.”


[Academic affiliations and certifications]

2013- The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, (Fellow/Board Certified Member)
2013- Japan Primary Care Association, (Board Certified Member)
2015- Society of Hospital Medicine, (International Member)
2021- Japanese Society of Hospital General Medicine, (Board Certified Member)


[Residency and clinical experience]

2012- Junior resident, Mito Kyodo General Hospital
2014- Senior resident, Mito Kyodo General Hospital
2016- Chief resident, Mito Kyodo General Hospital
2017- Senior resident, Shirakawa Satellite for Teaching And Research (STAR) in General Medicine, Fukushima Medical University

[Clinical research]

  1. Katayama K, Kurita N#, Takada T, Miyashita J, Azuma T, Fukuhara S, Takeshima T. (#corresponding author)
    Clinical Nutrition 2022; 41: 2219-2225. doi:10.1016/j.clnu.2022.07.037

    福島県白河市にある白河厚生総合病院に入院して摂食・嚥下リハビリテーションを受けた高齢者の誤嚥性肺炎の患者を対象に、24時間以内に口から食べ始めること(経口摂取の早期開始)が院内アウトカムとどのように関係するのかを分析しました。その結果、24時間以内に食べ始めた場合は、48時間以降に食べ始めた場合に比べて、口から食べられるまま退院できる可能性(経口摂取退院)が増えるという十分な証拠は得られませんでしたが、入院期間が短くなることがわかりました。慎重に嚥下機能を評価し、早期に口から食べ始めるかどうかを決めることで、誤嚥性肺炎の予後を悪化させずに入院期間を短縮できる可能性が示されました。この研究は、片山皓太先生(当時のシニアレジデント)が行ったもので、白河総合診療アカデミーの教員とともに力を合わせてチームで取り組んだものです。リサーチ・クエスチョンの明確化に高田先生・宮下先生・東先生・福原先生で指導され、リサーチ・クエスチョンの明確化・統計解析・論文化に竹島先生・主指導教員がコミットしました。[※研究成果が、福島民報 日刊に掲載されました。誤嚥性肺炎患者の経口摂取 1日以内再開で入院日数が短縮. 福島民報. 2022年10月25日 日刊20ページ. また、福島民友に掲載されました。誤嚥性肺炎の患者 入院24時間以内の食事再開 退院まで日数短縮 福島医大研究. 福島民友. 2022年10月25日 日刊20ページ.]

Katayama K, Meddings J, Saint S, Fowler KE, Ratz D, Tagashira Y, Kawamura Y, Fujikawa T, Nishiguchi S, Kayauchi N, Takagaki N, Tokuda Y, Kuriyama A.
Prevalence and appropriateness of indwelling urinary catheters in Japanese hospital wards: a multicenter point prevalence study.
BMC Infect Dis 2022; 22(1): 175.

[Clinical case report]

Katayama K, Ishizuka K, Tawara J, Kaji Y, Komuta M, Hayashi Y, Gomi H, Akahane M, Ohira Y.
Temporal Arteritis Caused by Tertiary Syphilis.
Internal Medicine 2023; 62(7): 1095-1097.

Katayama K, Gomi H, Shirokawa T, Akizuki H, Kobayashi H.
Bezold’s abscess in a diabetic patient without significant clinical symptoms.
IDCases 2017.


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