A commentary on clinical research written by a graduate research student and his supervisor will appear as a monograph.

A commentary on the statistics and interpretation of clinical research in nephrology appears in the book “ここが知りたい!腎臓病診療ハンドブック” (Chugai Igaku-sha). We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Hideki Shimizu (Chief of the Department of Nephrology and Rheumatology at Funabashi Municipal Medical Center), who is an expert in nephrology and rheumatology.

The commentary article is placed first in the “nephrology practice for next generation” chapter, with the topic name “Statistics” as it is.

I was told that the readership was mainly senior residents, so I was wondering what to write in the limited number of characters. Looking back on my own time as a resident and discussing with Dr. Iida, we figured out the concept of our commentary.

In the end, we wrote with our own personal experiences to help answer the following questions

  • Under what circumstances is it worth searching for a paper using clinical statistics, and how can we search for them?
  • Which parts of the results of clinical statistics should we focus on to help us make clinical decisions?
  • How can the confidence of statistical results be assessed in combination with clinical experience?

We hope that our commentary can help answer these questions.

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